NYC and Philadelphia Wedding DJ

We’re here to create the perfect vibe for your party
(But uh yeah, we’ll kill it, too. You know what we mean.) 

We’re not your average wedding & event DJs —
we believe equally in the power of a well-organized event timeline
and “All I Do Is Win” dropped at exactly the right moment.

We’re trusted by industry leaders and influencers like The Food Network and Bruno Mars*
to create the kind of mix that complements star-studded events—we bring that very same fire to
family-oriented, can’t-stop-talking-about-the-dance-party weddings.
*Ahem, yes, we’ll pick up those names we just dropped.

Where do we spin? Just about anywhere. We’re based mostly in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Philadelphia,
but we’ve played weddings from Maine to California, and as far as Italy.
(The Hamptons, Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Maryland are all in our frequent travels.)

“Both of our super-reserved Korean parents HELD HANDS
and danced together like there was no tomorrow.”

Daniel Kim married Yoona on May 21, 2016 | Fairmount Horticulture Center, Philadelphia | DJ Taiga

Listen, we can’t be held responsible for the shocking things that happen when a great mix of music,
a room full of joy, and an open bar come together.

But we’ll confess that we had a part in it .. so, uh, cheers.

We’re a boutique collective of club-tested DJs who’ve been spinning some of the sickest parties
since the 90s—but we’ve refined those skills over the years to use our powers for good like Spidey
senses. If you’re asking for a timeline, the first RMXTS wedding was in 2008, but in terms of the
music, we don’t treat weddings all that differently than the other parties we spin.

(It works better that way.)

We’re a little bit nerdy—there are three ivy-league grads and a few classically trained musicians
in our crew—and a whole lot of fun. We’re unapologetically music-obsessed and equally mesmerized
by the stories of every couple and client we work with.

It’s your party, we’re here to bring it to life.

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“It was almost like he found every iPod each of us ever owned
and picked through them for the greatest hits of our lives.”

Elena Bresani married Noah on March 10, 2017 | Union Trust, Philadelphia | DJ Benja Styles

Ready for the beat to drop? We feel ya.

Take two Ivy Leaguers obsessed with music who spent more time spinning parties than studying … fast forward nearly 20 years, add a few friends, and you’ve got us.

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On a quest for the music that will make your event one to remember? Also looking for the elusive venn diagram crossover of artistic, kind, and organized?
(That’s our sweet spot.)

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So you’re asking “how do you make sure people will actually dance?” Well … push your coffee table aside and give our mixes a listen. That’s how.

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